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Sunset Sunday ~ Beautiful Beach Moments Captured Through My Lens

A beautiful sunset speaks volumes to me.  Each one amazes me with its beauty, and I love just how different each one is.

Today begins a new series I am starting here on the blog called Sunset Sunday.  Each Sunday I will share one of my photos {or more} of a sunset with you.  Each one is different, unique, and expresses a beauty all its own.  Some may look a wee bit similar, but there may be a pelican that just happened to fly into the sunset right at the moment I clicked the picture.  Or, maybe a sweet family went strolling by as I snapped another moment of the sun saying goodbye for the day.  Each one is different just like we are, and I encourage you to take a peek at them to see if you can find sweet little surprises hidden in them.

When we first moved here I remember running into a couple here on vacation.  The man stated they were waiting to capture beautiful sunset photos, but he was disappointed in the sunset that day.  He said it was not what he was expecting, not what he had hoped for.  I smiled and told him that each one is beautiful, and we have to remember it is a sunset we will not ever see again.  The sunset today will not be like the one tomorrow, and now I find myself looking at the sky and the clouds during the day trying to anticipate what the sunset might be like.

And, back to the thought about one not being what we had hoped for…what we had anticipated.  Goodness, this comment just made me think about how many times I am hopeful for a certain thing to happen or a particular result to come about…I anticipate a certain outcome with a situation or with someone, and well, sometimes I am disappointed.  Back during last summer I decided I would really look hard to find the “silver lining in the clouds of life”.  What exactly does this mean?  Well, I really wanted to encourage myself to look for something positive in situations that may have ended up being a bit disappointing or just not what I was hoping for.  I have truly tried to do that with things that have come up in my life.  Sometimes I do pretty good, and sometimes I struggle.  I have found that although I may not see the silver lining right away, well, it usually becomes very obvious to me later.  Sometimes it will just “hit me” all of  a sudden.  And, to have this happen is such a blessing…even later after a situation or such has passed I can still learn from it…I can still see where the sun was shining.

Again, it’s not always easy, but it’s always my choice.  And, I love how the more I practice this, the easier it becomes…the more natural it feels.  Then, I really love it if I can share it with someone, maybe add a ray of hope to their day…that’s the fun part…kinda the cherry on top!  🙂  I know it can be so hard to find the silver lining sometimes so don’t feel bad if there are instances where you just don’t see it.  Just start thinking about the little things though…maybe there was someone that was friendly to you out of the blue on a day you felt so overwhelmed and burdened, maybe your sweet little one was more loving during a difficult time and you realized it later, or maybe because you were having a difficult day you decided to think of someone else and actually gave them a dose of sunshine…and, maybe, just maybe you didn’t realize until later just how much they needed it.

Silver Linings…every cloud has them

And, it’s ok if we don’t see them right away

It’s just all about training our heart to look for them  🙂

So, remember on Sundays I’m going to be celebrating beautiful sunsets, and I want you to join me!  Sometimes I may share just one, and sometimes I’ll share more.

Don’t miss out on the sun shining, and be sure to watch for it when it sets!  It is usually amazing!

Happy {Sunset} Sunday, Sweet Friends!!

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  • Cornelia - April 23, 2012 - 11:09 pm

    Hi Ann-Margaret,

    I just love your beautiful sunset photographs! And the words you’ve written alongside them are very thought-provoking. I especially like your take on the sunset that the tourist thought was ‘disappointing’.

    Cornelia x

    PS. Minnie would love that beautiful beach! 😉ReplyCancel

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