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Finding PEACE in My Beach Chair

Wow ~ The waves are crashing
fast and furious today
The red flag warns against
venturing out into the surf

And, yet as I sit here with
book in hand
I realize that I am filled
with such PEACE

My mind was probably
much like the waves prior to coming here
Thoughts and ideas crashing against
each other vying for the most attention

Now that I’m here, settled in
and listening to the music only the beach can offer
My mind clears, ideas find their
place, thoughts take on new meaning and
quietly become dressed for inspiration

And, once again, this place delivers me,
encourages me, and fills my soul with calmness

Do you have a place that offers you calmness?

Maybe it’s by the lake just down the road,
a cozy spot under your favorite tree in the backyard,
or the quaint neighborhood in which you live that you love to stroll through.
Wherever it may be, please take time, find time this week to enjoy it, soak up a little of its goodness, and allow it to fill your cup with calmness!!

And, then, tell someone about the JOY you found in that place,
or if you want to keep it as your little secret, just encourage someone else to look for their own!

Taking time to realize our need to feel calm and keep calm is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves ~
I’d love to know how you calm yourself when the storms of life seem to be raging…leave me a comment…
Let’s chat about it.  🙂

Sending warm rays of SUNSHINE to you today!!

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Thanks so much for visiting my blog! 🙂

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