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I am a firm believer that there is so much truth to the phrase “we become that which we think”.  When our minds are filled with negative thoughts, frustration, agitation, and the like it becomes way too easy for these things to take over and push out the good stuff ~ the positivity, hope, and joy.  Of course there are things that life deals us that we just cannot control, but we do have a choice about how we respond to things…we have a choice about what we let take residence in our minds.  Yes, we have a choice about what we fill our {heart and soul} cuppas with!:)

cuppa-serenity-inspirational-artwork-sketchFor me, starting my day off with the good stuff…inspirational reading, time with God, reminding myself to stay in the present, and putting on my armor to protect my serenity…is so very important.  From great beginnings come good things!  :)That’s right…let me start my morning in this way, and I am much more likely to be able to deal with the crazies that might pop up during the day!  :) Come join me below for a CUPPA ~ I hope it will add a smile to your day, and most of all, I hope it might be a reminder to make sure you’re adding the sweet stuff to your cuppa! And, remember…you are so worth it…do these things for YOU!

Need a cute reminder every day? You might love framing the above print for your office, kitchen, or favorite spot!:)Find it in my shoppe ~

“Kaylee Joy” ~ my phrase for the year in honor of my precious niece ~ helping her love and joy to continue to spread! SMILE ~ Let YOUR light shine!
See a special video about our special soul connection here!  :)


See more of my videos on my Youtube channel! I love for you to stop by so we can have a cuppa tea and a chat!

Hope you have a Sunshiney day!  :)

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  • Dawn - March 3, 2016 - 2:31 pm

    The way we think is immensely powerful, you are so right. We need to engage positive thinking and choose the joyful in order to keep our hearts buoyed up above the world’s pessimism.

    Cute graphic!

I’m loving some of the fun girlies that are coming to life on the pages of my art journals! It’s amazing to see the different looks my art takes on when I just LET GO and truly enjoy the process! I always enjoy the process of creating, but there is something so very different about what blooms on the pages of my art journals when I just wait for things to appear or get really lost in the moment…not thinking about any particular outcome.  I love this stage of the ART game! I did this background several weeks ago…first collaging with various papers and then, splashing washes of paint here and there.  Our prompts for this week in the Get Messy Art Journal community are all about freedom and expression of feelings so I think these pages are perfect because I certainly just let them speak for themselves!  :)

peace-graffiti-artwork-mixedmedia-paintingWhen I took a peek at this page several weeks later I decided it looked like a shirt down on the right ~ so of course, I knew I had to draw a sassy girlie!  :) She was soon coming to life! And, oh, how I loved all the messages that were speaking from her heart!

peace-girl-artwork-mixedmedia-paintingThen, I decided the wheels of the bicycle would be a perfect start for sunglasses for this fabulous girlie!  :) She definitely needed a sassy accessory!

peace-girl-art-mixed-media-sunglassesPEACE is so important to this girlie ~ she longs for her heart to feel peace, to find new ways to discover it, and to share it with others that may need a little for themselves. When she’s on the search for this amazing peace she may put on magical glasses so that she is sure to not miss all the little things, the hidden places, and the beautiful messages that may teach her all about how to tuck more into her heart.  This girlie ~ she’s on a mission!

peace-girl2-mixed-media-art-pinkShe realizes searching for PEACE and holding onto it is absolutely necessary to live the life she dreams of. She knows it’s so important to SMILE and enjoy laughing along the way, and she knows that she must be true to her heart.  And, that means she must be her SASSY ‘n FABULOUS self!  :) This next girlie is another one where I just LET GO and let her bloom as she wanted to.  Yes, very different from how my girlies usually look!

girl-loose-free-pink-flower-blackhairShe is created with many layers…another splash of paint here and a smudge of color there.  Her heart is filled with hope, dreams, and a longing to let her light shine for Him. She loves wearing rosettes in her hair, wearing lots of PINK, and adding doses of “Kaylee JOY” to the cuppas of all those she encounters!:)Oh, this girlie…she wants to do life BIG…and, colorful…oh, so colorful!:)

girl-messy-mixedmedia-yellow-letgo-artShe knows life can get messy…it can be oh, so tough. She knows her faith keeps her grounded, and she knows that all the crazy, messy, colorful layers all come together to create her unique soul.  She wants other girlies to know that it’s from the depths of their souls where the light flickers…LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!  :)

girl-mixedmedia-loose-artwork-flower-artistBecause when you do ~ Ooh la la ~ it is so very magnificent!  :) Just be you ~ let YOUR COLORS come through!  :)

This sweet chick below smiles at me each morning as I find my way to my desk. We often chat and share thoughts, and she forever encourages me through our precious memories and her sweet signs that she spreads about my days. She’s one of my most favorite girlies in the world ~ forever! {My sweet niece, Kaylee, whom has the most beautiful Angel Wings now.}

kaylee-mermaid-photo-memories-myangel I hope you’ll try doing a bit of letting go as you play in your journals! It’s such fun to see where the process takes you when you do. I tend to always feel even more inspired after I’ve greeted my journals in this way. It’s as though it unleashes huge doses of creativity. Hmm…kinda amazing how more of the good stuff flows when we can just let go and let nature take its course!  :)

Let YOUR LIGHT shine today, and try loosening your grip on the paintbrush a bit…you’ll be amazed at what you create! *And, this can be applied to many areas of our life…not just artwork!  :)

Hugs ~ Hope you have a HAPPY weekend!

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  • Tania - February 20, 2016 - 12:50 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Happy Saturday!!♡♡♡ReplyCancel

  • Tracey Fletcher King - February 20, 2016 - 2:16 pm

    Fabulous post and just love the girlies to bits. Getting messy and loving the process make such wonderful results and just make your heart sing don’t they!ReplyCancel

I am so excited to tell you about a fabulous art community I have joined! It’s called the “Get Messy Art Journal” community, and I am so HAPPY I decided to join this fun and creative group of artists! I had seen some of the art on Instagram months ago and reminded myself to check it out later. Last Sunday I was busy but just happened to see the email they sent out about registration.  I paused a moment from whatever it was I was in the midst of and took time to read all about it.  I could feel my heart smiling, but mostly, I could feel sweet Kaylee giving me a nudge, encouraging me to sign up.  You see, my heart has been so heavy with such heartache and sadness since we lost her {3 months ago yesterday}, and if I’m being really honest with you, I will tell you that I have had a bit of a difficult time focusing at times.  My heart and mind runneth over with all of my goals, new ideas, and plans for by business and time in the studio, but when the heart hurts so…well, it’s true what they say ~ grief can steal your focus.  I have been having these little nudges in my heart and soul telling me that I have to be true to my core…get back to my painting, follow my heart, live the “Kaylee Joy” that I so encourage you about ~ that I have to hold onto my dose and let it work its magic.  And, I assure you ~ “Kaylee Joy” is quite magical…Kaylee truly was pure magic wrapped in the most beautiful soul, and this is my way of honoring her and helping her legacy of love and light to keep on shining! But, goodness, some days the sadness…the missing my chats with her…the longing for her hugs ~ well, it is just too much for my heart to handle.  It can certainly feel that way, but if you know me, then, you know my faith is what carries me through.  Each day I hold this image in my heart of me walking with God…Him holding my hand…letting me cry…letting me share special memories of my time with her…expressing just how much I miss my best friend, and, then, He reminds me about this beautiful thing called “Kaylee Joy” that I created…that He laid on my heart.  Yes, I came up with the phrase, but it was so easy because she was so full of life, love, this beautiful light that led so many people to see how her heart loved Jesus, and this amazing compassion that engulfed everyone she came in contact with the moment they were greeted with her smile.  Oh, how everyone talks about THAT SMILE…the one that has brightened so many days, touched many hearts, and continues to give hope and beauty to all those that knew her.  As the minutes ticked by, and I reread that email, I could hear her saying, “Auntie {in our fabulous French accent we often used!}, you must join this…you must let your heart be a part of this special community! It will be so good for you! I want you to do this…I will love watching you create, and I will be a part of it all! You turned me onto art journaling, and I so loved sharing how I was falling in love with it…do this…so we can continue to share this journey.  It will help your heart to heal a little bit more each day…I promise you! You need this…do this for YOU!”  And, so then my finger hit that registration button, and my heart smiled because I knew it was just the thing to do! And, I knew it was going to be such sweet therapy for my soul!:)Yep, that’s my DIVA bestie below…oh, how we loved being at the beach together!:)One of my happiest days ~time spent with her!

So, back to the “Get Messy Art Journal” Community ~ this is their mission statement: “An art journaling program that is a school, art playground and family. We are a group of like minded art journalers who have come together under this art form to learn, share, practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. Our community values consistent creating, encouragement and support and trying new things. We would love to have you join us as a member of Get Messy Art Journal.” {Click on the link to find out how you can become a “Get Messian”!}

GetMessy-ImaGetMessian-2The theme for this season is HAPPY! How perfect is that?!!:) I am all about some HAPPY now!! I just love how my sweet girlie below turned out.  I had started the background before and done a quick sketch on it but had not finished it.  I remembered I had left the word “happiness” visible on her face and just knew it needed to be the first piece I did for my get messy art journal.  This sweet girlie stands for so much…she is the messenger of “Kaylee Joy” ~ she knows that if it is spread then hearts will experience more happiness and go out and spread JOY to all those around! She is inspired daily by one of the sweetest gifts God has ever blessed her with…the love of a niece that she continues to feel on a daily basis.  And, this girlie is determined to help her love and light continue to spread!

kayleejoy-happy-get-messy-journal-closeup-artjournalShe knows that JOY lives in each heart, and sometimes we just have to nurture it a little so it can truly show us just how magical it is!

kayleejoy-butterfly-artjournal-get-messy-artist-mixed-mediaShe knows that life needs to be CELEBRATED ~ and, yes, this means beyond our birthdays!:) She knows that cupcakes are needed often, and they are the sweetest when shared! *Oh, how Kaylee and  I loved sharing cupcakes, and she loved baking them and surprising others with them!  :)She wants to let others know that they must hold a dose of “Kaylee Joy” in their hearts at all times, because they need to be fueled by it first  ~ then, they are able to go out and spread it to all those around! She knows hearts feel a flutter, they smile, and, they feel the deepest warmth of love when they are touched by “Kaylee Joy”! This girlie ~ she is YOU ~ she is ME ~ she is the HEART OF MY PRECIOUS KAYLEE!  She longs to inspire others, help them find their way through difficult times, learn what it really means to cherish the “little things”, and know just how infectious a SMILE is! She wants YOU to know how special YOU ARE…and, she wants YOU to know that you touch more hearts than you will ever know! SMILE ~ Let YOUR light shine!  :)

kayleejoy-cupcake-bday-celebration-2016I love that I found paper that said “Celebrate ~ Happy Birthday” on it because I just celebrated my birthday! I just think it makes this girlie even more perfect for the beginning of my art journal with “Get Messy”! I know this community is going to be such a special part of my journey of grief and navigating ways to heal.  Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging, and committing to this is truly what I need right now.  So, my heart is CELEBRATING about making that decision to join!:)

Since our prompts are all about HAPPY, well, it’s quite fitting for me to include a beachy page! If you’ve been following me, then, you know we moved from my fave spot…the BEACHes of Florida…to Virginia in September.  I do love living in Alexandria, but of course, this mermaid (I declare I am one!) does miss wiggling her toes in the sand so the beach finds its way into my journals quite often!:)For this page I had fun using some of my photography, splashing paint about, and just getting messy!

mixedmedia-seagulls-journal-artjournaling-florida-beachOh, how I always loved watching the boats go by!!  And, my feathered friends…my fave!

mixedmedia-art-florida-ocean-boat-segullsAnd, then, a single line drawing that is not quite finished but is all about that same HAPPY place…the beach! I love sailboats and anchors, and I’ll add a quote/verse to this one and share as soon as it’s all done!:)

I’ve always loved art journaling and probably have a few too many journals ~ but, who’s counting?!!:)If you’ve been watching some of my YouTube videos then you know I’ve been talking with you about them and how I want to help you learn more about art and maybe give art journaling a try if you haven’t before.  Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing lots of fun stuff here, on Instagram, and Facebook! And, being a part of the “Get Messy” community is just perfect because my heart has been craving being a bit more messy in the studio!

Hugs and Happy Creating!

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  • Janan - February 5, 2016 - 9:45 pm

    I cannot wait to see what you bless us with what you share!!ReplyCancel

  • Tanyalee - February 6, 2016 - 12:43 am

    So glad you followed your heart and registered. I feel the Kaylee Joy coming through loud and clear. XxReplyCancel

And, just like that ~ “Kaylee Joy” started blooming all about 2016…it had been planted long ago and blossomed in our sweet Kaylee {my niece} for 18 years…now, I get to help her to continue to spread it ~ and so do YOU!  I’ll be sharing this video all along because I know many have said they missed it. “Kaylee Joy” bracelets have arrived and are going out into the world in the next few days! I’ll be sharing how you can be sure to have one…to remind you to spread “Kaylee Joy” but also to remember to hold onto a dose of it for yourself! More info coming soon on its true definition, how we get it, just what it is, and why it’s so amazing to share it! Kaylee and I have so much to share about it all! I hope you enjoy the I shared on Facebook ~ I had no plans of doing this video that day…was just going to talk for a few minutes to test lighting and such in a spot. Well, quite a few minutes later my heart was still spilling out…it was a God thing for sure! And, Kaylee! So, grab a cuppa {you may need a few!}, and lets spend a little time together! And, please feel free to share the video…I would love for you to because it’s the first step in sharing “Kaylee Joy”! Hugs to you all, and thank you so much for your sweet thoughts about the video and your requests for a bracelet…it makes my heart SMILE so big {and, I know it does Kaylee’s} to think of “Kaylee Joy” being spread allover the world!

***Should you have any issues watching the video here on the blog, you may go to my YouTube channel  to watch it.   I have tested it on computers, mobile devices, in Chrome and Safari, and it works fine so please visit my channel or refresh your page if you have trouble viewing it below.  And, always be sure to give the page time to completely load.  :)

Warm hugs and much love to you ~

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Oh, my, it’s been so long since my last post.  Well, a crazy move will certainly cause things to be off schedule, and I can safely say our move from Florida to Virginia was the worst one we’ve ever had as far as the packing/delivery process goes. We moved in early September, and it was around the end of October before I even began to feel a little settled. We love our new home in Alexandria, Virginia, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you’ve seen lots of pics from the walks Cooper and I take.  Then, November began with the worst phone call I have ever received.  Our sweet, precious niece, Kaylee, that you have read all about here and on my other pages, passed away at 18 years of age.  I am heartbroken, devastated, and have such sadness in my heart because we were best friends…and, she was like a daughter to me.  There are no words to truly describe this heartache for our family because Kaylee was and still is the most beautiful LIGHT that shines in our lives ~ she has one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever known, and I am so very blessed to be loved by her.  There is a huge void in my life that only she can fill…we have such a connection/bond with each other so not having her here on earth with me to share life with is devastating.  Yes, I know she is with my sweet Granny and other family members in Heaven, I will see her again one day, and that she is free from the excruciating migraines she suffered with for over three years.  But yes, I am also selfish in wanting her to be here with me.  And, you know what…that’s ok.  I know God knows my heart, and I know it’s normal for me to feel this way.  If I didn’t wish for her to be here…well, there would be nothing natural or healing about that. So, right now, I miss her so very much, and I always will…and, I wish she were still here to call me so she could tell me about her day.  Since her passing, I have had beautiful signs of her being with me, and I can feel her so strongly each day.  I will share more from my heart about these special little “hellos” from her and about our relationship in the weeks to come.  I want to thank all of you that have reached out to my family and me…thank you for your continued prayers, your hugs, and your love. We appreciate every moment you have expressed your love to us.  It blesses our hearts so much to see how many lives Kaylee touched with her light and love, and I know she will continue to.

kaylee-annmargaret-grannysfuneral-nieceAs December begins I want to do something special each day ~ if you follow me on Facebook  and Instagram you will have seen my post for yesterday.  I realize some of you may not be in those spots though so I want to be sure to share a dose of JOY with you here!  :) So, let’s get December off to a JOY~filled month! MERRY CHRISTMAS month!  “Choose JOY” has been my phrase of the year for 2015, and I think the month of December is the perfect time to make sure every day is filled with a little JOY ~ the perfect time to remind ourselves that it exists even on the most difficult days. So, I”m going to be sharing doses of JOY with you throughout the month ~ it may be some of my favorite Christmas ornaments, our past Christmas cards, JOY~full messages, snippets of JOY from my walks about Old Town, how I’m finding and creating JOY in my art, and so much more! And, this will be the perfect welcome to the beautiful phrase I will be celebrating for 2016 ~ I’ll reveal this on January 1st!:)  Right now, my heart longs for JOY…and, some of my most special moments of JOY come from my memories shared with Kaylee. Kaylee loved Christmas so I know she will be such a part of this with me! As we reflect on the true meaning of Christmas ~ the most beautiful birth of JOY of our Jesus ~ may our hearts reflect on how His love has led us to love. There are so many families experiencing such sadness right now, and my heart breaks right along with them, as I hear of loved ones lost in their families…in your families. Praying that we will feel God’s peace during this special season and be filled with JOY from the love we hold in our hearts for our special loved ones! *This cute photo was our Christmas card from 2010…this is our sweet Tucker {Tuesdays with Tucker }, and we still miss this adorable little guy every day but are so very thankful for the almost 15 years we shared with him!:) Happy Decembert 1st, sweet friends ~ YOU ALL sure add alot of JOY to my days!

tucker-Christmas2010-westie-furbaby-cardI hope December is getting off to a sweet start for you!

Warm Hugs!

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  • Jan Brown - December 2, 2015 - 10:58 am

    Ann Margaret, I hope you are doing good. I think about your family daily an continue to pray for you.ReplyCancel

    • amteatime - December 13, 2015 - 2:12 pm

      Jan, thank you so much for your sweet thoughts and prayers. They are so appreciated and needed ~ we miss our sweet Kaylee so very much. I am so happy you stopped by my blog and hope you’ll keep visiting…I absolutely loved hearing from you! Hugs!ReplyCancel

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